So, what’s a DroneBid? 🤔


In short, it’s THE MOST EFFICIENT, SMARTEST and EASIEST WAY to tell Drone Pilots in your Area you need them to carry out some AERIAL WORK for you. With a DroneBid you simply let them know WHERE, WHEN and WHAT is to be done.
Adding a DroneBid on DroneBids24 is completely FREE (no fees, no charges, no commitment).

You only pay your Drone Pilot once you have accepted his/her Offer and the required Aerial Work has been delivered. Drone Pilots pay a small yearly fee to have access to your contact details and be able to send you an Offer for your Bid. DroneBids24 does NOT charge any commission whatsoever.

So back to the “DroneBid” … think of it like an open bidding process. Professional Drone Pilots in your area will look at your DroneBid and then, depending on their availability, ability and equipment, will send you an Offer to carry out the required Aerial Work for you.

At any time you (as the one who started your DroneBid) are in full control of the process. You can end, cancel, or edit your DroneBid as you like, 24/7. Once you have received some Offers from Drone Pilots it’s all up to you to decide which one will do the Job for you. Easy as pie!

With your DroneBid you inform all interested Drone Pilots:

> WHAT sort of Aerial Work you need – this could be Aerial Images, Video, Documentation, Inspection, etc.
> WHERE & WHEN this work needs to be done –
 include the Location, a specific Date, Latest by, or Period from-to
> HOW they can help you with their Drone –
 add Details or a short Description

OK, let’s recap… 😎


  • 😊 You need some Aerial Shots or have an Event or Project coming up where the help of a Drone is necessary?
  • 🤯 But you aren’t keen on buying expensive equipment and getting involved in paperwork, licences and so on?
  • 😎 Here is the solution for you: Add a DroneBid now – it’s really only a matter of minutes!
  • 🤓 Professional Drone Pilots will check out your DroneBid and send you an Offer to carry out the required Aerial Work.
  • 🤩 You simply choose the best Offer and let the Pro’s do their Job!
  • 😍 This service is 100% FREE for you as the one who opened the DroneBid! (You only pay your Drone Pilot for whatever work he/she did for you! Drone Pilots pay a small fee to register before they can contact you or send you an Offer – No commissions whatsoever!)

DroneBids24 offers you


to take advantage from the endless possibilities of today’s Drone technology – without having to own an expensive Drone by yourself!


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